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An Easy Way To Locate SharePoint 2010 Patches

Updating SharePoint to the latest Service Pack or Cumulative Update (or both) can be challenging. Your organization may have something as simple as a SharePoint Foundation install, or something as complex as a SharePoint Server + Project Server install.

There are several guides out there for installing the patches, but I’ve always found it to be a (small) challenge to locate the latest Service Packs or Cumulative Updates in a single location. While I was browsing the Microsoft TechNet site today, I stumbled across a site under the SharePoint Product site that I thought was VERY useful:

Updates for SharePoint 2010 Products

This one link makes getting your SharePoint installation update a whole lot easier by providing:

  • Tutorials on best practices for applying SharePoint software updates
  • Links to Documentation for updating SharePoint installations
  • And my personal favorite, the Latest Software Updates section

As I maintain several farms for different clients (each with its own patch level), I thought this last section was interesting simply because it provides links to all of the Service Packs and Cumulative Updates (CUs) since the product was released.

By the way, if you have a larger installation which includes other SharePoint-related gems, such as:

  • Office 2010 (client)
  • Office Web Apps
  • Search Server 2010
  • FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint

You might consider going to the main site for updates, the aptly named “Update Center for Microsoft Office, Office Servers, and Related Products” site. Don’t forget to get a good backup before you start patching, and read the docs thoroughly.