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Android and Microsoft Lync? You’re Pulling My Leg!

Nope – I’m not. My GUIO intranet BPOS site is being converted to Office 365 this weekend. I can finally get busy on an internet-facing GUIO site as part of my E1 Office 365 Site.

As part of this transition, Microsoft asks that some preparations be made in advance – one of these preparations is loading Microsoft Lync on the client desktops to replace Live Meeting and Office Communicator, while another is making domain DNS changes for your SIP services (Lync).

While I was getting all of this set up, my trusty Samsung Galaxy (First Generation) died. Specifically, it won’t Bluetooth anymore. So I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus to replace it.

Hold on there, wait a minute – before you toss those rotten tomatoes at me, you should know that I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Microsoft guy (I had Windows Mobile since it was Palm-sized PC), but Verizon only has one [not kidding here] Windows Mobile phone, the HTC Trophy.

  • It won’t tether or act as a Wi-Fi router, and
  • It isn’t 3G – deal killer

And now, back to our regular story. So I was sitting here playing with the Android Market, and searched for “Microsoft”; I am a hopeless Microsoft Tag fiend, and have this on my business card (If you don’t, I highly recommend it – no one will ever lose your contact if they can scan it immediately).

I found Microsoft Tag, as expected, but was absolutely _floored_ by the fact that I can get Microsoft Lync on an Android. Wow, Awesome!

I load it up, using the same credentials that work on my laptop, and – nothing. Try keying in my password again – still nothing. The Android refuses to connect.

I spent a few moments searching for why I might be having a connectivity issue when I found an article on Microsoft Support, entitled “How to use and troubleshoot issues with Lync Mobile on Google Android mobile devices”.

Sweet. In the “Troubleshoot Auto-Detect” section is everything I need.

  • Add a CNAME Alias, “lyncdiscover” and point it to “webdir.online.lync.com” – that’s it.

An Android device with a Microsoft program to extend Office 365 – here’s to getting the entire Office Mobile suite. I’d pay for Android-based Office Mobile, no doubt – but only if it has SharePoint Workspace…Pretty please, Microsoft?