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Microsoft Edge and IE 11: Not Mutually Exclusive?

Today, I was working through some of my old files on my Windows 10 laptop and found a HTML printout (essentially a saved HTML page with the *.MHTML extension). I wanted to review the contents of the document, so I double-clicked it, expecting that it would open in the Microsoft Edge browser. This is what I saw instead … What?!? Yep, that’s right, there was our Windows 8.1 buddy, Internet Explorer 11. I’m sure this is not news to some, but I certainly hadn’t noticed it as an option. Just to check, I opened the old school settings gear and confirmed…

Well, would you look at that. IE 11 is available alongside Microsoft Edge. The current browser support matrix for SharePoint 2013 (last updated March 2013) shows IE 11 as being the most current supported browser, so this “retro” functionality gives us some options for deploying Windows 10 clients which will still need to access to SharePoint 2013.

Incidentally, if you are on SharePoint 2010, the browser support matrix published in Feb 2015 shows support for IE 11 also (not Microsoft Edge).

There are a couple of easy ways to use IE 11 from Windows 10:

  1. Press the Windows Key, select “All Apps”, then find Internet Explore within the Windows Accessories section of the interface, or

  2. Or use the old standby, asking Search/Cortana to simply find “iexplore” for you.

Either way, you may want to consider pinning IE to your toolbar – just know that the two icons are quote similar in appearance (for reference’s sake, IE 11 is shown on the right).